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Welcome to Southwest Candy an internet bulk candy wholesaler

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Your candy in bulk supplier of Albanese, Tootsie Roll, Taffy town, Charms, Lifesavers, Butter Mints, Chupa Chups, Jelly Belly, Dum Dums, Saf-T-Pops, gourmet lollipops, office candy, bank lollipops, sugar free candy, and suckers! Our Scottsdale online candy warehouse is available to both businesses and individuals.

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Do you have a sweet tooth? If so, then Southwest Candy is the bulk candy and gourmet lollipop place to be. Our wholesale candy store has been helping bulk candy and swirl lollipop lovers since 1970 and has become a leader in the distribution of fresh quality wholesale bulk candy in America.

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Nostalgic candy or a business looking for bulk candy to hand out to your customers, find it here. Our selections of big lollipops, hard candy, buttermints,Whirly lollipops, chocolate, and sugar-free, are the best. Our warehouses are stocked with all of your mouthwatering favorites from brands such as: Tootsie Roll, Spangler, Lifesavers, Hershey, Jelly Belly, and more wholesale candy.

We buy our bulk candy and mini lollipops by the truckload and pass the savings on to you. Our discount candy store has two convenient locations in Scottsdale, AZ and Chicago, IL, so your candy will usually arrive within 3 business days. Feel free to call us at 888-479-2263.

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