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Black Sixlets Chocolate Balls- 2lbs

Black Sixlets Chocolate Balls- 2lbs

Bulk Black Chocolate Sixlets



Bulk Orange Sixlets Chocolate Balls-2lbs

Bulk Orange Sixlets Chocolate Balls-2lbs

Delicious Chocolate Candy Coated Balls!



Bulk Black Gumballs 2lbs

Bulk Black Gumballs 2lbs

Black 1" Gumballs



Celebration Orange Gumballs~2 lbs.

Celebration Orange Gumballs~2 lbs.

Orange 1" Gumballs!



Charms Candy Carnival

Charms Candy Carnival

Perfect Assortment of Charms Favorites!


Tootsie Roll Assortment

Tootsie Roll Assortment

Terrific Tootsie Roll Assortment!


56oz Bag
12-56oz Bags
Bulk Charms Mini Pops

Bulk Charms Mini Pops

Charms mini lollipops have 325 mouthwatering suckers in a colorful bag. The wrappers are red, orange, yellow, blue, green, and purple which make a colorful bouquet.


Bulk Gourmet Jelly Belly 49 Assorted Flavor in a 10 lb box

Bulk Gourmet Jelly Belly 49 Assorted Flavor in a 10 lb box

49 Delicious Flavors of Jelly Belly!



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What Can I do with Candy Corn?


Looking for a fun craft that is tasty too? Candy Corn's versatility is your answer! This fall, get your Candy Corn on, and get creative....

Candy Corn is great as a base filler for a pot. You can use it to fill a spray-painted flower pot, and finish it off with a spooky tree or black flower.

Candy corn makes great finger tips when putting out snacks for your littles. Use Candy Corn for the tips of your mozzarella cheese stick to add the creepy effect.

Candy Corn also is a great addition to a clear, craft ornament. Add it to an ornament for instant decoration.

Candy Corn lovers enjoy both sweet and salty treats when you add Candy Corn to your freshly popped popcorn!

Candy Corn is the perfect dessert topper to your cupcakes, brownies, puddings, and cakes.

Candy Corn Halloween candy dispensers are not only a great piece of decor, but an adorable way to serve a treat.

Candy Corn is a perfect game piece for playing Halloween Bingo or Tic Tac Toe.

Candy Corn can be packaged up as "pumpkin poop" or "ghost poop" or "witch poop"- a hilarious touch to any kid party!

Candy Corn is great inspiration for your adult Halloween party jello shots.

Candy Corn for your candle display- use candy corn as the base in your hurricane, place a candle in the center. Perfect Halloween candle decoration.

Candy Corn as pumpkin teeth!

Candy Corn as part of your Halloween candy buffet!

I could go on and on for hours about the usefulness of Candy Corn. Enjoy it. Decorate with it. Play with it. Eat it. has all the Candy Corn you need!





What are Good Halloween Candy Ideas?


All the community centers and churches are preparing for that ghostly event requiring candy galore! Yes- Halloween preparation is absolutely here. If you are a large company or organization, or a party planner, Southwest Candy has the best prices on candy for your Halloween event. Our candy comes shipped in from the manufacturer, and we break it down to the size you need all with low cost flat rate shipping on any size order. 

So what kind of candy is best for you? Well if you live in Arizona, I would stay away from any chocolate to prevent melting. Now if the attendees at your party are "littles", such as the under 5 crowd, you should avoid anything with a stick and hard candies. Other than those restrictions, let's get into the greatness of our bulk Halloween candy varieties.....

Taffy- Pumpkin taffy, caramel apple taffy, caramel taffy, banana taffy, black licorice taffy, peanut butter taffy, and how about a fun mix of Halloween suprise taffy? Chewy and sweet! You will love it to eat!

Retro Candy- think Nerds, Blowpops, Pixy Stix, Smarties, Bit-O-Honey, Razzles, Sour Patch Kids- with a spooky flair, and Laffy Taffy. All great options for handing out to the trick-o-treaters.

Novelty Items- Oozing Eyeballs, Bloody Bites, and Halloween Cotton Candy, and Hallow Rings create a spooky feel at your Halloween party.

Gummie Halloween Candy- Worms, Bears, Pumpkins, bats, and even a Halloween assortment of Spooky Gummies - delicioulsy chewy for your Halloween candy dish.

Okay, Ok- CHOCOLATE- Tricky Treats, Plumpkin Pals, Monster Munny, Monster Munch, and Zombie Treats- but this is just in addition to our big name brands of Kitkat, Snickers, Mars, Nestle, Hershey, and so on!

Southwest Candy has a great variety of delicious candy. Our prices beat anyone on the market, and our customer services is fantastic. 

SO give us a call or place your order online: and check "Halloween Candy for Party" off your list!