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Candy by Colors
Candy by Colors
When you are looking to accessorize your next event with colors that coordinate with your theme or company, look no further! Southwest Candy has a great selection of wholesale candy that will sweeten up your party or event. And with our amazing bulk prices you can buy so much more!
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Patriotic red, white, and blue Tootsie Rolls are a great idea for parades. Pink Jolly Pops or Pink and White Whirly Pops broadcast "It's a Girl", while our Blue and White Whirly Pops say "It's a Boy" for baby showers. Don't forget Superbowl Parties! Using Grape Tootsie Pops and Orange Tootsie Pops to give a Chicago Bears shout out are a must! Be it a sports team, philanthropic event, wedding, or party, using color-coordinated-candy will add flair to any occasion.