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Retro 70's Candy Assortment
Retro 70's Candy Assortment
Remember the great candy you ate as a kid. Our Retro 70's Candy Assortment contains over 25 great candies. At least 50 pieces per 1.5lb box. Boston baked beans, bottle caps, candy buttons, candy cigarettes, candy necklace, chick o stick, fun dip, pixy sticks, atomic fire ball, sugar daddy, bit o honey, candy lip stick, goetze caramel, charleston chew, candy flip stick, flying saucer, hot dog gum, longboy, mary jane, necco wafer, tootsie roll, razzle, a&w root beer, saf-t-pop, slap stick, slo poke, lotsa fizz, nik l nip, kits, b-b bats, gobstopper, and nerds. Included candies based on availability of candy.
Item #: NR104.
Weight: 2.00 lbs
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Price: $17.95
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